Seeking Couples for Article: Urgent

Her kan du som journalist, studerende el.lign. søge efter medlemmer som vil deltage i undersøgelser, artikler, programmer m.v.

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Seeking Couples for Article: Urgent

Indlæg af Marenmarie » 08.05.2015 13:33:37

Dear ÆUG members,

We are two students from the journalist school in Aarhus, who are currently writing an article on young couples living outside of Denmark, because they are unable to fulfill the requirements for family reunion in Denmark.

We are therefore looking for couples who have been directly impacted by the law and are willing and eager to tell their story.

More specifically, we would like to hear from you if your spouse has been denied residency or if you chose to live outside of Denmark because your spouse and you did not fulfill the criteria for approval or found the process to be more transparent in bordering countries.

Please feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Maren and Julia