Divorce after 12 years

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Divorce after 12 years

Indlæg af roi » 08.02.2023 19:23:43

Hello please I need advice.

I need your advice urgent please!!!. After twelve years I divorced a Danish citizen and I am from out EU. We didn't have children. I have a full time job for more than two years with a Swedish company and I work from home. My visa is expiring for family reunification , what can I do to extend it? and/or remove the perm.
I don't want to risk of being taken out of Dk. I have been living her for 12 years,

Thanks in advance

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Re: Divorce after 12 years

Indlæg af skaanebo » 08.02.2023 21:22:20

Don't you have a permanent residence permit if you have been living here for 12 years?

Are you living in Sweden or in Denmark?