Exceptions granted for Family Reunification

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Exceptions granted for Family Reunification

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I'm an Indian citizen and my partner is a Danish citizen. He was on a contract to work in India for 3 years, during which time we met. We met & briefly lived together in India while he was working in India, but we don't have a shared lease as the apartment was a company apartment that was occupied by him. Since he moved back to Denmark in October 2020, I have been to Denmark twice & stayed with him for approximately 5 months in total (visa documents to prove the same).

Now we wish to apply for family reunification to get me to Denmark, but since we're not married and haven't shared a lease together officially, we're wondering what are the chances for getting an exception for the cohabiting rule? We meet all other criterion for the reunification visa. Has anyone had any similar experiences with getting exceptions?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Exceptions granted for Family Reunification

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I think you will need to marry to fulfil the requirements. Since you have never co-habitated through 18 months as required if you are not married.

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Re: Exceptions granted for Family Reunification

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You say that you 'briefly' lived together - exceptions will only be granted if you have established a family life that is protected under the European Convention on Human Rights (art. 8 ).

This would typically be the case if a couple has been living together for around 18 months or more, or if they have had a several years long permanent relationship without cohabitation but with common children (ex: one of the parties is incarcerated).

So, as Skaanebo says, you will need to get married. You can read here how:
https://familieretshuset.dk/en/your-lif ... in-denmark
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