Permanent Residence permit

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Permanent Residence permit

Indlæg af Arista12 » 02.11.2021 02:33:06

Hi guys! Please i need your help regarding the application for PR. I want to apply for PR using the 8 years rule. I actually fulfil all the criterias for this rule except for the fact that i'll actually be 8 years in DK February 28th 2022. My question is;
Can i apply Next month (December), considering the processing time for the case takes 10 months, that is by september 2022 or do i have to wait until february 28th 2022 before applying?

Thanks for understanding.

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Re: Permanent Residence permit

Indlæg af mh1 » 04.11.2021 12:20:26 ... 0residence

"You can apply for a permanent residence permit at any time. You do not need to wait until your residence permit is about to expire. However, it is important that you submit your application before your current residence permit expires.

If you do not meet all the requirements for a permanent residence permit, you can apply for an extension of your current residence permit instead. If you apply for an extension, you can apply three months prior to the date your current residence permit expires."

I do not know whether it is still so, but people have often been advised to apply both for ordinary extension (if the current permit is close to expiration date) and for permanent, to be on the safe side.
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Re: Permanent Residence permit

Indlæg af BNS82 » 16.11.2021 16:20:24

Just had the talk with udlændinge styrelsen and the one I talked to said that the application time acutally don't matter it's the time they start to process so she said that applying was up to us, we just had to make sure that on when the proccessing starts the conditions are met, but even if it says 10 month of process time, some can come through faster so applying with a little buffer time was up to us.
So you have to decide if you think you will meet the 8 year condition when they start processing, if not wait till February.