Danskprøve A1 + A2 Exam Experience Share

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Danskprøve A1 + A2 Exam Experience Share

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Danskprøve A1+A2 Exam Experience Share
By Bella

Self introduction
Hi, my name is Bella, the purpose of me writing this article is to share my experience of the danish exam A1 and A2. My exam results:
- Danskprøve A1 passed in 3 months (29/30)
- Danskprøve A2 passed in 6 months (29/30)
If you also applicated for family reunification, trying to study Danish, hope my experience share can help you.

Danish Exam A1+A2 introduction please see details in link.
https://uim.dk/arbejdsomrader/danskunde ... ammenforte

Danskprøve A1
Se eksempel på Danskprøve A1 (nyt vindue)
• Part 1
 Hvad hedder du?
 Hvor kommer du fra?
 Er du gift?
 Hvor bor du?
 Hvor længe har du boet i Danmark?
 Hvornår har du fødselsdag?
 Hvad er dit efternavn?
 Hvad for nogle sprog taler du?
 Har du børn?
 Kan du tale engelsk?
 Hvad hedder din mor?
 Hvad hedder din far?
 Går du i skole?
 Har du bil?
 Hvornår kom du til Danmark?
 Hvornår er du født?
• Part 2
Most about number, weather,food,clothes…all choices are basic daily subjects, so this part is not a hard one.
• Part 3
About the pictures matching, there is a rule I concluded, you kan judge by like this :
Time(if match) + Place(if match) + activity(if match)
If these three conditions all matched with the dialog, then its correct.
So when you listen the dialog, can try to pay attention on these three conditions , hope it helps a bit.
• Part 4
This part kinda like part 2, its not hard.
Danskprøve A2
Se eksempel på Danskprøve A2 (nyt vindue)
• Part 1
 Hvad hedder du?
 Hvor kommer du far?
 Hvad tid står du op?
 Hvad laver du normalt om morgen?
 Hvad slags film kan du godt lide?
 Hvilken byen har du være i?
 Hvad interesser har du?
 Hvad slags mad kan du lide?
 Hvad tid spiser du morgenmad/frokost/aftensmad?
 Hvad spiser du til morgenmad/frokost/aftensmad?
 Hvad laver du i weekenden?
 Hvad er din livret?
 Hvad slags musik kan du lide?
 Hvad er din yndlingsmusik?
 Hvilken film kan du lide?
 Hvor langt har du boet i Danmark?
 Hvad laver du i din fritid?
 Hvad laver du på ferie?
 Hvad laver du om sommeren/ vinteren?
 Hvilken land vil du gerne rejse til?
 Hvilken by vil du gerne rejse til?
 Hvordan er vejret i dag?
 Hvilken by i Danmark har du besøgt?
 Hvad laver du i hverdagen?
 Hvornår har du fødselsdag?
 Hvornår er du født?
 Hvornår ankom du til DK?
 Hvad er du Bange for?
 Hvad er dit yndlingsdyr?
 Hvilken interesser har du?

• Part 2
 About the subjects number!!!(80% of the exam related to numbers, include price/ time/ weight/ telephone/ working hours)
 Weather
 Transportation (mostly like cykle/bus/taxi/train)
 Body part
 Clothes (include shoes/bag/ scarf )
 Compare (80%)
 Always say two numbers or two options, need to pay attention of the question, like did he bought the expensive one or cheaper one? Normally what he does, nogle gange what he does? Butikken open/close different time on weekday / weekend ....
• Part 3
This part I think is not a easy one, you have to catch enough key
Words, or sometimes you can choose based on the two speakers
Attitude. Like when they are training in the gym, or have a party…
• Part 4
 practice the example more, some questions are similar
 See carefully of the pictures they give, some answers are in it, like time
 Try to answer in a simple sentence, cannot be only one word or too long

Videos recommended
• David Jørgensen
• Danish Mastery
• Saedys
• Learn danish with danishclass 101.com
• Jette renane

Apps recommended
• Duolingo
• Drops
• eReolen
• Memrise

Books recommended
• Samtaledansk 1
• Samtaledansk 2
• På vej til dansk (DU 3.1)
• Videre mod dansk (DU 3.2)
• Midtvejs til dansk (DU 3.3)

Websites recommended
• Dansk Her og Nu
• Billedtema
https://bildetema.oslomet.no/bildetema/ ... 0-%20dansk
https://uim.dk/arbejdsomrader/danskunde ... ammenforte

Personal advice
I took both exams in Vejle sprogcenter, the teachers there were nice and helpful, first there will be a teacher lead you into a room, confirm with you the personal information and simply describe the exam, then will come another teacher lead you into a cabinet room, test both listening and speaking volume, then the exam begins.
I would strongly suggest that try to write down all the contents of the exam, then read by yourself to practice, then listen again, until you can follow the speed and fully understand the meaning of the contents. I really think its helpful.
You are not allowed to bring anything into the exam room, only a piece of paper with your personal information.
Kindly Remind:
Bring your yellow card, passport, resident card.
Don’t touch any button on the microphone (in case mute voice)

Finally , wish you good luck, hope this article can be helpful. Held og lykke. :D