I would like to ask for advice regarding to my situation

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I would like to ask for advice regarding to my situation

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I would like to ask for help regarding my current situation. I come from a 3rd country. I have been working in Denmark on a work visa since 2018 and since then I have registered as a co-habitation with my partner who is eu citizen on 17/8/2021 and I have become a family member of an eu citizen until 17/8/2026 But we broke up And she has been out of the country since February 2024. But she has not yet report leave the country and still has a joint address. And she was willing to help to continue with her visa until I was able to apply for permanent residence.
The question is, can I still work and live here? Untill I can apply for pr(I didn't study Danish. But I have had full time job 37hrs/week throughout the past period and I can support myself) or do I need a work visa? By the way, if I need to change to a work visa, do I have to file for divorce?
Thank you in advance for your anwer🙏🏻

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Re: I would like to ask for advice regarding to my situation

Indlæg af mhg » 15.07.2024 08:07:21

I suppose you mean that you got married? And that your spouse has left for their home country? Depending on where that is, they may not need to inform the Danish Folkeregister of moving: all Nordic countries are in a union and have a cooperation regarding registration of residents, so when a Nordic citizen moves from one to another Nordic country, they just register there, and that country informs the first.

And you have both signed an obligation to inform the authorities of any changes that may affect your right to residence.

In any case: sooner or later the authorities WILL find out that your spouse is no longer living in the same EU-country as you, and your EU-residence right will be cancelled.
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