Civil (single) status certificate from Colombia

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Civil (single) status certificate from Colombia

Indlæg af Eyeve » 23.09.2021 14:04:46

Hello, me (Colombian) and my Danish boyfriend want to get married in DK and I'm gathering the documents required but Colombian Civil Registrar authorities say they do not issue a certificate showing my single status. They only certify birth, marriage and death. How can I fulfill the single status certification requirement? Can I issue a sworn declaration before a notary public (translated and apostilled later) where I declare I have not been married before?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: Civil (single) status certificate from Colombia

Indlæg af gambler » 25.09.2021 11:46:28

we had simular problem, few years ago (but other country)

we got fine advice an how to do from a danish embassy (even no embassy in that country, we had from nearest) ((bangkok))

and had to sign a document, made by a puplic notar, that later had to be stamp by the danish embassy

i would think that you write the problem, to the danish embassy, by mail, an normaly should be an
correct an good answer, in a few days