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My name is Sally, and I have an inquiry regarding my entitlement for A-Kasse.

My familyreunification visa was approved in December 2020, I have commenced my Danish education in January 2021 and have now started full time employment in May 2021.

I would like to cross check, since I am now working full-time if I am allowed to apply for A-Kasse. Would having A-kasse prevent me from renewing my temporal residency in year 2022, or affect my application when I apply for permanent residency / citizenship? I’m aware that the citizenship rule has been renewed recently, and I’ve read somewhere that one can only be on A-Kasse for maximum of 6 months to qualify for citizenship application under the new rule?

I would very much appreciate your advise on this matter.

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Re: A-Kasse

Indlæg af Pennifer » 16.06.2021 07:21:29

Hello Sally,

A-kasse has no effect on a temporal residence permit under the national rules of family reunification, so if you are on A-kasse at the time of your reneval it will have no effect. You can think of A-kasse as an insurance that you're absolutely free to have :)

Should you apply for social benefits from your local kommune, then you can risk either a revocation of your permit or that your application for extension is denied. However, that is only if you collect benefits under Lov om Aktiv Socialpolitik or Integrationsloven. Those are social benefits like kontanthjælp. There's a (not complete) list of examples on newtodenmark.dk.

If you want to apply for permanent residency down the road, please be aware that A-kasse itself has no impact on your application. That being said, you still need to fullfill the requirements about work for 3,5/4 years + current employment. That means that they look 4 years back on your work history, and within these 4 years you need to have had full time work (120 hours a month) for at least 3,5 years.
- Work for 4 years, currently working - OK.
- Work for 3 years, 3 months on A-kasse (dagpenge) then resume work - OK.
- Work for 3 years, 1 year on A-kasse (dagpenge) then resume work - Not OK, because you haven't worked 3,5 years within the past 4 years.

There's also some requirements to the type of contract - I believe it has to be a permanent contract, not at temporal one. But this I'm a bit unsure of.

I hope this is somewhat clear and useful :)

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Re: A-Kasse

Indlæg af evc » 20.06.2021 07:40:24

If you want an advise from an immigrant who has been living here for the past 6 years: stay away from AKASSE and any form of social help. Politicians love to change the requirements for the permits and at some point they might introduce a new one that will damage your effort to become a permanent resident or a citizen in this country.

Work hard to keep your employment for 4 years so you can get your permanent residence permit and after that, the citizenship (if you feel like living here and like the country, of course). Immigrants have no say in Denmark, unfortunately. Laws get passed that completely obliterate people’s dreams, and that only happens because we have no political influence.

Why do I tell you this? Right now we have a left wing government and things are already bad. They passed the citizenship reform and that broke a lot of people’s dreams. I was not affected by it, but a lot of people around me were and I can see their pain. Furthermore, the left and the right love to show power and demonstrate who can tight things a bit more. This means that if we get a right wing government next election, immigration laws can be changed for the worse.