ÆUG deltager i "We're all Eloy" tirsdag d. 2. august

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ÆUG deltager i "We're all Eloy" tirsdag d. 2. august

Indlæg af Anne Alver » 31.07.2011 08:14:28

Tirsdag d. 2. august starter støttearrangementet "We're all Eloy" i Verdenskulturcentret på Nørre Allé 7, København N

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http://kubik.kk.dk/verdenskulturcentret ... e-all-eloy

på engelsk/ in english :
We are all Eloy”

19.00: Doors open (Anders plays music)
19.30: Tanja introduces the event
19.55: Tanja introduces the first speaker

20.00: Yeray Lopez from Spain (Another "Eloy" speaks about funny experiences being a non Danish speaker here)
20.10: Birgitte (Eloy's danish "mom" presents Eloy's story and his current situation) + Video from Eloy
20.20: Surprise-speaker (to be confirmed)
20.30: Anne from Marriage Without Borders (Another "Eloy" was about to be deported for marrying a foreigner. She will talk about Marriage Without Borders)
20.40: Iben Kjærgaard (Professor speaks about different approaches to the danish language)
20.50: Angel from London (Another "Eloy" speaks about problems with danish family law)
21.00: Presentation of Daniel (Another "Eloy" who has been deported to 15-20 years of prison for a 7.000kr fraud)
21.10: Q & A (This is a meeting point. So we encourage people to approach the speakers to who they have questions)

21.20: Black Daniels feat. Nico Defrost (Freestyle rap about being locked up for the wrong reason)
21.35: The dancefloor opens with Dj Klandestino and Mr. Exotic Pineapple (salsa and bachata for everyone! )
01.00: The party continues somewhere else ;-)