Marriage or Cohabitation?

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Marriage or Cohabitation?

Indlæg af pr90 » 27.12.2018 10:40:53

Hey guys,

I am about to apply for family reunification with my danish bf as cohabitating partners. I'm a non-EU resident and I've been living in Denmark with my bf for three years (2 for doing my masters and 1 for working under the establishment card scheme). We have quite a lot of things settled in terms of the application such as having shared residence for over 3 years, I've passed my PD3, we have shared bank accounts, etc. I've heard a lot of "horror stories" about family reunification rejections though, despite people fulfilling the requirements and especially for non-EU residents. Some people are telling us to "Just get married already. It'll be easier!"

Will getting married be easier though? As far as I can tell, the process of family reunification is almost the same for married and cohabitating partners. We are engaged but I don't know if we should rush into this extra step of marriage now - unless it makes the process easier.

Any clarification on what exactly makes marriage a much easier approach to the application process more successful? I can't seem to find much information on it on nyidanmark.

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Re: Marriage or Cohabitation?

Indlæg af mh » 02.01.2019 06:02:25

It will release you from having to document that you have been living together, but if you have been so in DK, duly registered, documentation is easy. Those who have had problems are mainly couples who have lived abroad where one or both was not officially registered.

However, there is also the question about inheritance rights: unmarried couples do NOT inherit from eachother, if they have not made a will.
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