My rights as a foreigner after divorce from a Dannish man

Her diskuterer vi praktiske og juridiske forhold omkring skilsmisser samt muligheden for, at en ægtefællesammenført kan blive i Danmark efter en skilsmisse

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My rights as a foreigner after divorce from a Dannish man

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I have a been married to my Danish man since 18 August 2012 to date, now due to too many conflicts between us where by my husband sensed I was going to leave him because he was even starting to get violent to me with me running away for days to stay with friends, he went ahead and filed for a divorce , I had reported the matter to krises center but they could not take me and my 21 year old son and so I was told to go to commune but I did not go for fear that the matter could be reported to immigration office which could maybe spoil my chances of staying in Denmark..! I have been in Denmark since 25 March 2013. I got a permit to stay which I was given for two years but due to an A 1 exam which I was supposed to do 6 months after coming to Denmark which my husband then said we had to wait to hear from the immigration which they never did thus the delay, my extension to stay was denied and so we had to fill a new permit to stay which I got now and it's ending in November 2018..!
Since I came, I have been to school all through
I did the language and finished, went to VUC did the 9,10 klass in Danish, mathematics, samfundsfag, English and passed well , I enrolled for sosu education, did the grundforløb and passed and started with hoveforløb .. where I was on praktik at a hjemmepleje, on the praktik I was told on my second praktik that I needed more Languages and so I enrolled at EUC/FVU education which I did for 6 months with no SU, and I passed, I then contacted the uddanelse konsulent about my passing the exam and she then again enrolled me to continue with Sosu education starting this month 15 January with praktik again at a plejehjem..! Am 44 years old, my son is 21 years ..! My question is, what are my chances of still remaining in Denmark after the divorce bearing in mind, I quit my job from my country of origin, sold everything I had, renounced my rights as a Kenyan while I was to relocate to Denmark that time? Am really stressed up now with all that’s going on, my husband slapped me with a divorce without even us sitting to talk about it even though we were having issues, he should have warned me..! I feel depressed, lost, don’t know what to do, who to turn to for help , my whole life is just falling apart..!!
NB: Me and my husband have no child together..!

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Re: My rights as a foreigner after divorce from a Dannish man

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Do you have any proof of the violence you have suffered from the hands of your husband? Police or doctor’s report?

If not, it may be very much uphill to keep your residence in DK.

That you have taken the education you have, and are continuing to edeucate yourself, are plusses, but might not be enough.
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