Health insurance policy duration, Sweden.

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Re: Health insurance policy duration, Sweden.

Indlæg af bsoren » 26.09.2019 04:54:41

This is the latest reply from Migrationsverket when asked about insurance again:

"If the applicants are unable to get a certificate from the country of origin the applicant needs to sign a full-coverage private healthcare insurance which applies throughout the stay in Sweden. There are no list for approved health insurance companies, all the the evaluation of the insurance papers are done individually."

By the way we took our Danish citizen 1 year old to the Children Emergency a while ago (before they got personnummer) and just received a 4300kr invoice for it today. I thought there is a nordic healthcare agreement between the countries that takes care of these bills. Weird!

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Re: Health insurance policy duration, Sweden.

Indlæg af skaanebo » 26.09.2019 07:46:46

Probably due to lack of personnr. Call them to get it sorted.