Girlfriend from Phillipines

Her kan du skrive om/søge information om ophold i DK på andre grundlag end familiesammenføring eller EU-regler, f.eks. au-pair, studier og arbejde m.v.

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N. Kuraszynska
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Girlfriend from Phillipines

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Hello. I am Polish living in Denmark for 9 years and in the process of obtaining permanent residence permit. One year ago I started a relation with girl from Philipinnes. Back then, she was working at the consulate, staying legaly as a diplomat. In December She had to decline her job as they wanted to move her to New Zeeland. She choose to stay with me hoping that we can find a way to stay together. Today she is on a tourist Visa that finishes in June. I can not find a way for her to stay legaly. We live together only from January so we cannot get Family Reunificstion on base of cohabiting partnership (we didnt live together for 18 months yet). She is a lawyer and a serious person. She can easily hide and we can have a good live, buy we both prefer to do things legaly. I can not believe that there is now way for serious people like us to stay legaly in Denmark. We both are earning very good money and we are contributing to Danish society econimically and personslly. We love our lives here and we dont want to move to Spain for example. Do you know if there is any way that she can stay with me in Denmark? Maybe under EU laws that are aplicable in Denmark? Do you know any lawyer or similar in Copenhagen, who can help in such cases? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Girlfriend from Phillipines

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Get married - that is so much simpler and faster than trying to find an non-existing legal loophole.

As an EU-citizen you have a right to have your spouse living with you, so as soon as you are married, which you can do while she is in DK on her visa, she can apply for an EU-residence card.

She will need to get a CENOMAR and her birth certificate, both of which she should be able to get through her embassy, or with the help of her family at home.