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Her kan du skrive om/søge information om visum-reglerne, hvordan I søger om visum, dokumenter, gode råd m.v.

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Indlæg af Hopeful » 07.12.2018 19:18:56

kan en 2 årig baby få et besøgs visum fra land i kategori 5?

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Re: Besøg Visum

Indlæg af mh » 08.12.2018 17:36:04

To visit her father, probably. ... st-visits-

"Group 5 includes countries whose citizens represent a particularly high degree of risk to immigrate illegally to Denmark or another Schengen country, and countries that individuals cannot easily be repatriated to.

The following countries are currently in Group 5:

Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria.

As a citizen of a country in Group 5, you are subject to a number of restrictions and as a starting point you only qualify for visas if there are extenuating circumstances, such as the death or terminal illness of a family member living in Denmark.

In certain instances, a visa can be granted if you as a citizen of a country in Group 5 are seeking to visit a spouse or cohabiting partner in Denmark and you previously have applied for family reunification with that person and the application was refused due to the fact that you have never been in Denmark (visitation requirement). In order to qualify for family reunification, all the other requirements for family reunification must be met. A financial guarantee would only need to be paid in the event of a new application for family reunification."
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