Interview partner needed

Her kan du som journalist, studerende el.lign. søge efter medlemmer som vil deltage i undersøgelser, artikler, programmer m.v.

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Interview partner needed

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Dear ÆUG-readers,

my name is Luise Richter, and I am studying International Development Studies at Roskilde University. I am doing a fieldwork exercise this week (23.-26.2.), where I am supposed to find out how people living in Denmark without a CPR number navigate through their everyday lives. Therefore, I am looking for an interview partner for this. All the information given in the interview is only for class purposes and will not be used outside of this frame! The interview will last for approximately an hour. I would very much appreciate any help I can get on this issue! If you have any more questions, just let me know!

Thank you very much in advance - I am looking forward to getting some answers!

Best, Luise