hvad skal/kan man.. Danmark eller Tyskland

Her kan du skrive om/søge infomation om familiesammenføring i andre lande end Danmark efter deres nationale regler

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Re: hvad skal/kan man.. Danmark eller Tyskland

Indlæg af mh » 07.03.2020 20:49:51

Check for example on this link:

Where you can live is dependent on your budget, and of course whether you need to work or have your own means or a business you can run from home. In that case, if it is on-line and you need good internet connection be aware that Germany still is somewhat of a developing country in that respect. In other words: check whether you can get fibernet. The cheapest places to live are often those where tv- and internet connections are poor.

On this link you can check prices:
https://www.focus.de/immobilien/mieten/ ... 01695.html
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