family reiunion

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family reiunion

Indlæg af m123 » 17.03.2010 10:27:23

hi to all!
I am searching an answer about fs, and i hope some one would give me an answer, my husban filed a fs but it was rejected last 2009 but because of certain situation i was pregnant for 4 months that time so i was not be able to go back to my home land country. i give birth a beautiful and healthy baby boy, he is 4 month old, my husban and i applied again this time now we meet all the requirments needed for family reiunion, my problem now is that i dont have anymore visa for staying here in denmark. pls give me some idea wether there is a possibilities that we can apply and would they aprove or they will reject again, i am verry worried because is not just me but my son relaying on this matter.

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Re: family reiunion

Indlæg af dotGusten » 17.03.2010 12:57:35

When the application is rejected, you are expected to leave the country within a short timeframe.

When changes to your situation again allows you apply for permit of residence, you are free to send in a new application based on the new changed circumstances.

If you are handing in the application from your home country, you have to wait in your home country until the application has been processed and a permit is granted. Then you can travel to Denmark to stay with your spouse.

If you are in Denmark with a legal permit of stay, like a tourist visa, you are allowed to hand in the application and stay in Denmark while the case is being processed.

So the question is: Did you travel back home after the first application was rejected, and did you come back to Denmark on a legal short time stay?

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Re: family reiunion

Indlæg af fundiver199 » 17.03.2010 17:32:17

Please fill in the form under "Kontakt", "Rådgivningen" and send it to ÆUG. Its in danish language, but presumably your husband can help you with that?

It would also be very nice, if you or your husband could scan all letters, that you got from Udlændingeservice or Integrationsministeriet regarding your case, so we can determine:

a) Why the first application was rejected

b) If your present stay in Denmark is legal or not

c) What procedure you should follow from now on

d) If you actually fullfill the requirements now

Please note, that files can not be attached when filling out the contact form under "Kontakt", "Rådgivningen", so you must send files separately to:

But you can start also by filling out the form, this will already give us a much better idea about your case.