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: 07.10.2019 10:29:55
af Lsl
Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I is planning to move to Sweden and try to apply Family reunification in Denmark after. I just wanted to know if is someone here has the same experience? I am non-eu and my boyfriend is Dane.

If we move to Sweden: how long does it take to process the visa under co-habitation partner. And is it okay if I wait the result in Sweden with a tourist visa?

If we move back to DENMARK: My boyfriend has a job in Denmark and planning to do the cross border commuter between DK and SWEDEN. Is it going to affect our visa application if he doesn’t have a job in SWEDEN? We’re doing the co-habitation partner visa in DK.

Thanks everyone.

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: 08.10.2019 16:25:08
af mh
It may take up to six months. You should be sure to get a receipt for your application; this will serve as proof that your stay is legal beyond the visa.

It is no problem that your boyfriend will be commuting to his job. Both of you make sure that shopping is done mainly in Sweden with debit- or credit card, rent is paid through the bank, and commuting can be documented. He must spend minimum 4 out of 7 nights in Sweden on average.

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: 08.10.2019 16:36:12
af skaanebo
Please note in order to use EU laws as cohabiting partners, you must prove to the Swedish authorities that you have already been cohabiting for a period of time of no less than 12 months.

If you cannot prove this, the only way is to get married.

Alternative would be to use Swedish laws but then you would need to apply from your home country and wait there until you gain the residence permit.

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: 22.10.2019 22:51:28
af Lsl
Thank you for your replies. One more thing: so if we get married in DK and move to Sweden and I have tourist visa. Is it allowed to move to Sweden and apply under EU rules and just wait the results in Sweden if I have tourist visa in DK?
Thank you

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: 23.10.2019 11:19:37
af skaanebo
Yes, you gain all rights in Sweden the instant you apply under EU laws. That means you can go straight from the Migration Board to the tax authorities to get registered as a resident in Sweden, you can start to work or study right away. The only problem is to cross borders until an actual residence card has been issued for you.