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My work is accepted to stay in dk?

: 18.08.2019 18:21:45
af Jesper&Anna

I am working as cleaning assistant in a big company in
about 3 years now. If my husband decided to divorce me
Can I still be qualify to seek a visa as self sufficient?
I have eu rules visa till 2021.


Re: My work is accepted to stay in dk?

: 19.08.2019 16:52:27
af uidroot
You have to state how long you been married together and how long you been living after you married in dk. If you are married for 3 years and that marriage has lasted one year in dk you can retain your right on the condition you are self sufficient.

Re: My work is accepted to stay in dk?

: 20.08.2019 07:38:37
af Jesper&Anna
We been married for 7 years now.
And Im here in DK since last autumn 2016.
Using EU rules visa... and I am non EU citizen.
We dont have kids together. All I have is my stable Job.

What are the requirments for me to be self sufficient? Is there any link I can read?
I have not finish my sprogskole. I am at module 3.3 now.
How much money in my account should I have
to prove I can take care of my self.?

Thank You for your time.

Re: My work is accepted to stay in dk?

: 20.08.2019 12:03:15
af mh
You fulfil the time-married as well as time-in Denmark requirements for keeping your EU-residence right. When you have EU-residence right, you do not need to prove your proficiency in Danish, but do continue training and improving your Danish in order to have a better chance at getting jobs.

You will not find any specific minimum sum requirement for being considered selfsupporting. The requirement is that you do not receive 'kontanthjælp', social welfare, until you have had residence in DK for 5 years and thereby qualify for the permanent EU-residence right (which you in due time will have to apply to get proof of).

Your means may be any kind of legal and duly declared income: salary, income from self-employment (running your own kiosk, shop, laundry, tailor-/seamstress business, catering, bakery etc.etc.) It may also be income from securities, shares etc.

In due course you prove your continued status as selfsupporting by supplying your annual statements from the tax authority.