Student to work visa

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Student to work visa

Indlæg af Manny96 » 06.06.2019 20:55:10

I came on student visa to study civil engineering but before I finish first semester, I got a job offer
as manager of restaurant paying 36.000 kr monthly salary.

So I would like to take this offer. But I need to change from student to work visa. To do so, Can I just apply from here since my visa is valid here or do I need to go back to my country (non-eu) and apply work visa and return back?

Please help me with advise soonest possible


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Re: Student to work visa

Indlæg af skaanebo » 07.06.2019 09:27:24

As long as you are still studying and following all courses and your student visa is still valid, you can apply from within Denmark.