Tax Card / having 2 Jobs

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Tax Card / having 2 Jobs

Indlæg af Jesper&Anna » 25.05.2019 19:01:11

Good Day to everyone, most specially to our respected advisers.

My question are:

I have a job some days in weekdays
And I know my employer have my Primary Card Tax
on this job.

Then I have my new weekend job. Saturday & Sunday.
What tax should I apply for this?

I am confuse between Secondary Card Tax or B-Tax?
Can anyone help me what is the best thing to do?
I wanted to make it correct.

Thank you.
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Re: Tax Card / having 2 Jobs

Indlæg af DortheM » 25.05.2019 22:04:07

You ask your employer for job 2 to use "bikortet" (secondary card) for deduction of A-tax

B-tax is tax paid when you get paid for things like a piece of artwork

You can learn about the Danish tax system in this document
For your question you find the answers on page 9