Danish Passport

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Danish Passport

Indlæg af Aidablu » 09.02.2019 13:20:04

Hi everyone

Im married to my danish husband here in South Africa, i was told today that it should be possible to get a danish passport, does anyone know if it's possible, if so what do i need to have it done, we have been married just over 2 years and he reside here in South Africa with me, he is a dane of birth and lived there for over 30 years. hope someone can help me with my question..

Best Regards


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Re: Danish Passport

Indlæg af DortheM » 09.02.2019 14:05:43

To get a Danish pasport you have to be a Danish citizen. So NO you cannot get a Danish pasport just be marriage.

You can read about becoming a Danish citizen at http://uim.dk/arbejdsomrader/statsborgerskab/in-english