Cert. of no impediment - but I've lived in three countries?

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Cert. of no impediment - but I've lived in three countries?

Indlæg af pr90 » 08.02.2019 10:01:39

Hi all,

I'm planning to marry my Danish partner, but before we can, I will need to obtain a certificate of no impediment/ certificate of marital status.

Now the issue is that I have lived in three different countries, Malaysia (citizen), Singapore (work permit), and the USA (studies). I was told that I have to provide a certificate from ALL these countries.

The Malaysian one is easy enough, but the other two are an issue.

As I was a student in the US, I have no idea where to go to obtain this certificate. Upon writing to the US embassy in DK, they told me that I would have to contact the vital records office of the state where I got the marriage (I am not married and I need the cert to prove it!).

And also, if anyone has advice on how to obtain one from Singapore without having to go to Singapore (from the embassy?) I would be grateful. I was working there for a brief stint but all my documentation of my work permit was online and I surrendered my permit card upon leaving so I really don't have any record on my stay there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Cert. of no impediment - but I've lived in three countries?

Indlæg af gambler » 08.02.2019 11:30:55

yes, this is almost impossibel, but u know what kommune ? (name) it will be ?
because is up2 them what they accept / not accept

if u lucky u can get away with the one from Malaysia, an a : i hereby i confirm that i never been married before etc etc, an signature

normal procedure is : one from your local province, an this one translate to english by the government of foreign affairs, an stamped
the embassay can never help u, only with a stamp if needed (is in some cases)

it would maybe be helpfull that u still young, an never been married before ? because then the chance could be better

the § says is have to be done at the kommune where your (comming) husband are living, or at least there u have paper that u can go
other place, but for real is still possibel to go to the island (or other kommune) : Ærø, where some allready had succes with missing a document.