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Indlæg af Maria-mo » 10.01.2019 17:43:04

Hi, I am non EU living in Dk for around 10 years married with a dane, I couldn't find a job so I took an education, (in danish) so I will be able to work full time the 3 years for get finally my permanent residence and maybe become a danish citizen one day.
My question: I finish my education and I have rights for get dagpenge, that mean if I take that money I will not have rights to become danish citizen? Because if my status change I will lost the right for it? I am not sure,how this work.

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Re: Dagpenge

Indlæg af mh » 11.01.2019 05:25:46

If you receive dagpenge from a-kasse for more than 4 months, it will prolong the period where you must have been self-supporting; if you receive dagpenge for 8 months, you must then instead of fulfilling the condition of having worked 3 years and 6 months full time fulfill 3 years and 10 months.

And who knows what additional conditions DF come up with ...

http://uim.dk/arbejdsomrader/statsborge ... orsorgelse
https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/You-wan ... -residence