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: 02.09.2018 19:18:47
af myrna
I just need some advice if should we wait for the result of my Dansk i prove 1 before we pass our application of our FR.We will get married on October 13 but the exam is on November 15.Im currently au-pair my visa expires on January.I received a mail from SIRI that I'm scheduled to leave my host family on October 15 because my replacement visa has been granted.



: 17.09.2018 17:08:58
af BNS82
Wait, you will have to submit the result of the exam if you plan to use your exam to pass one of the demands for the foreigner.

Your au pair visa will expire when you are married, so unless you have another visa approved you will have to leave Denmark. I'm not sure if you get the regularly 1 month or the departure date will come before, because you break your au pair contact by getting married