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Skatteverket told me..

: 29.08.2018 20:28:11
af pumpernickel11
Hey guys!

We called Skatteverket to ask for some guidance and we got information quite contradictory to what I've read on here... They said that my Danish spouse needs to prove he's able to support me for at least a year, or just get a job, we are going with this second option, we need housing and that's it... We were sure I needed insurance but they said I don't. I choose to believe them :wink: I also have no idea why they talked about 1 year, they were very insistent on this, 1 year is fine for us and if things go well we might even stay indefinitely. Maybe the rules changed?

Concise questions..

1-Is the education system in Sweden the same as in DK? I mean, with my Swedish cpr do I have access to free education? And SU?
2-Would you recommend getting the job or the apartment first? We still don't know where we are going.
3-Is it possible to get the CPR and succesfully registred if we move in with friends at first or if we sublease an apartment?
4- We have been looking at sites like blocket for jobs and apartments but everything seems to be available within a very short period of time. When should we actively start looking if we plan to move in the first days of January?

Sorry for the many questions and my scrambled writing... THANKS!!! Blessings.

Re: Skatteverket told me..

: 29.08.2018 21:13:17
af skaanebo
The answer you got is if your Danish spouse will move there without having a job in Sweden. Then they ask to see proof that he or she has sufficient funds for 1 year.

The best would be to have a job offer on hand first, then move and find a place to live.

If you intend to move in January, you ought to start looking at least 2-3 months ahead of time. This is when sublets will be made available.

In Sweden it is NOT called CPR. It is called a personnummer.

You can enjoy free education in Sweden as a resident. If you qualify for study grants from CSN depends on your status in Sweden. Check requirements at