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Divorce/EU rules visa in denmark/ non Eu

: 17.08.2018 07:44:52
af AnnaBanana

Good Day, my friend recommend me this site.
I am hoping someone can give me advice.

I am married for 6 years. Im non EU national.
I arrive here in denmark last 2016 and give me 5 years
Visa (2021). I started working right away in 2016 until now.
And Im full ansatt at my work so I can work here as long as I can.

Now my Danish husband wanted to divorce me.
What are my chance to stay in DK?
After the divorce my visa will be invalid. Can I stay in Dk?

Please help me some ideas.
Thank you.

Re: Divorce/EU rules visa in denmark/ non Eu

: 17.08.2018 09:39:21
af DortheM
You can apply for a permit to stay in DK on grounds of your work. See the possibilities at

Re: Divorce/EU rules visa in denmark/ non Eu

: 17.08.2018 09:44:39
af mh
If you have residence according to the EU-rules, you will keep your residence right, because you have been married for more than three years, and lived in DK for more than one of the years you have been married.

The residence right is conditional of your being self-supporting, that is: working or receiving unemployment benefits from the ‘a-kasse’, until you have had your residence right a total of five years.

In 2021 you apply for permanent residence, and after getting that you have the exact same rights as Danish citizens.

Read more here:

You will also find the rules and procedures for divorce on this page.