Supplementing courses international degree

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Supplementing courses international degree

Indlæg af patriklk » 06.02.2018 12:11:09


My wife is looking to apply for university here in Denmark. But with her Indonesian degree she needs 1 year of supplementary education at university level. I was just wondering if anyone has done this here in Denmark or has some information about it, preferably in English. We've found a few supplementary courses but they've just been in Danish, and it'll take some time for her Danish to get good enough for that. Even if it's paid or online that's okay as long as it meets the requirement.

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Re: Supplementing courses international degree

Indlæg af silonyo » 06.02.2018 14:25:03

The best thing to do, is to go to one of the universities administration office and ask where someone can take them and how... not sure but i think she needs to do those supplement courses before she is enrolled.... the courses might take 6 months. Maybe this link might be of might be of help....