Divorce holding EU visa in DK

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Divorce holding EU visa in DK

Indlæg af Jesper&Anna » 19.08.2017 11:32:51

Hi there.
With great respect I wanna ask in behalf of my friend.

She is here in Denmark using (5years) EU visa family reunification since last year.

The couple dont have kids together.

My friend is non eu. Have a full time job for 8months now.

If her husband divorce her. What are the chances or possibilities she can stay in denmark? She still have 4years visa.

Is she will be kick out?
Please help some advices.


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Re: Divorce holding EU visa in DK

Indlæg af mh » 21.08.2017 12:45:28

If the marriage has not lasted at least 3 years, the visa will become invalid at divorce.

As she has not been working in DK for at least 2 years, there is not much chance of using the rules for retaining foreign work-force either.

If she has some very special qualifications or at very well paid job (408.800/year as of 2017), she may apply for a residence permit on grounds of that.