Using EU rules back in Denmark (statsforvaltningen)

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Using EU rules back in Denmark (statsforvaltningen)

Indlæg af Jesper&Anna » 23.12.2015 06:57:00

Hi there.

Just a quick question. If a couple decided to return in Denmark using EU rules.
Do they still need these?

1. Money guarantee of 54000 DKK?
2. Language A1 test?
3. Housing size requirement?

Thanks to all who response.

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Re: Using EU rules back in Denmark (statsforvaltningen)

Indlæg af mh » 23.12.2015 19:41:03

No, no and no.

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Re: Using EU rules back in Denmark (statsforvaltningen)

Indlæg af Hlesty » 27.01.2016 16:28:05

my wife handed in the application at statsforvaltningen in denmark yesterday , and she was told by the guys there that , before they start working on my case they should see me first , .. But the problem is that if i go to denmark now to show up so they can see me, i can't get back to malmö since my visa is expired and i don't have a permit yet here in sweden .... so now i don't know how i can show up at statsforvaltningen due to this border control in kastrup... is there a way around it? tak smile emoticon

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Re: Using EU rules back in Denmark (statsforvaltningen)

Indlæg af uidroot » 27.01.2016 16:37:27

Just so you know I don't have any legal expertise. Yes, you need to show up in person for them to process the application, least they say so. As soon as you hand your application you will be legal, but getting to DK from malmo is something you need to think about.