EU Rules VS Swedish Rules

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EU Rules VS Swedish Rules

Indlæg af Jesper&Anna » 04.12.2013 14:10:18

Hello Everyone..

I have a danish husband and I am a non eu citizen. We are moving in Sweden.

What should we apply EU RULES or SWEDISH RULES?

What is the difference? Is there a website I can read so that we might know what to consider?

Thank you so much.

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Re: EU Rules VS Swedish Rules

Indlæg af skaanebo » 04.12.2013 14:29:03

You can read about it on

Main difference is about the time a permit will be valid before you will get a permanent residence permit and the requirements (there are no requirements after Swedish rule but a number of financial requirements after EU rules).

Your Danish husband can also read the guidelines provided on this site under "rådgivning" at the top menu bar.

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Re: EU Rules VS Swedish Rules

Indlæg af fundiver199 » 04.12.2013 15:47:06

The difference is also, that as the main rule - but there are exceptions to this now - you can not apply after swedish rules while in Sweden. You need to apply from your home country and wait there for 3-9 month, while the application is being processed. For many cupples this is in fact the most important difference between the two set of rules.