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Forum rules

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Welcome to ÆUG forum

Here you can get answer to your questions about marriage, visa, residence permits and other subjects and share your experiences with other members and users.

To ensure, that all users have a positive experience with forum, ÆUG moderators have the right to delete, move or edit posts or threads at their own discretion and in compliance with the purpose of the organization and the forum. Repeated or severe violations of the rules listed below can lead to the termination of your user account:

1. Keep the conversation civilized. Talk to others as you would, if they were sitting across from you in your living room

2. If you have nothing to say, that can help the person asking, remain silent. It is not up to you to judge other peoples choices, and you do not know the whole story

3. Prejudiced, generalizing, derogatory or racist posts are not allowed. Everyone should feel welcome in ÆUG's forum regardless of their nationality, skin color, gender, religion etc.

4. Commercial posts and spam are not allowed

5. Posts, that infringe copyright laws or other Danish legislation, are not allowed

6. Posts, whose sole purpose is to advertise another website, are not allowed. If you think, something is missing in ÆUG's link collection, you can send your proposal to the board

7. Ads on residential property for sale or rent in Sweden or Germany are allowed in the forum "life in Sweden / Germany". Ads on other topics are not allowed

8.) ÆUG respects employees' right to a good working environment. Therefore it is not allowed to debate or critizice the performance of individuel public servants in our forum. Direct your criticism against the law or the institution instead

In addition, we kindly ask users of the forum to comply with the following guidelines for the sake of clarity of the forum and ÆUG's volunteer counselors:

A. Try to stay within the subject of the thread. If you are unsure, it is better to start a new thread than to write in an old thread, which was started by another person

B. One question - one thread. You will not get more or better answers by asking the same question in many threads

C. This is a forum not a hotline service. If you have not received an answer to your question, it is because the person, who can answer it, has not seen it yet. Find the answer elsewhere or try to rephrase the question, so it becomes easier to answer

D. If your application has been turned down by authorities, please write to and attach a copy of the decision. Then we can help you in a far more qualified way