I need help towards Permanent Residence

Her kan du skrive om/søge information om, hvorledes man opnår permanent opholdstilladelse i Danmark og/eller får dansk statsborgerskab.

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I need help towards Permanent Residence

Indlæg af MEMBO » 01.06.2016 10:07:44

Hello I will really appreciate if someone can give me some tips or legally advice towards Permanent Residence in Denmark. I came to Denmark because of my husband who is a Danish citizen, we been together 14 years this summer and together we have a little daughter.I been living in Denmark almost 10 years (2006) and still no PR, therefore I´m writing this comment in order to see if there´s some hope or help towards my case. I am really tired and frustrated :( as many of you are, I know! is just amazing how many time they change the rules and obviously this affects tons of people and their cases. When we decided to live in Denmark was mostly because of the attachment my husband had to his grandma who was ill at that time and if He has support me in so many aspects before, it was the least I could do to come live here and try to make a living of that. Since he propose we knew living in Denmark was very difficult due to so many crazy rules and we actually decided to relocate to Canada cause we were looking to have better opportunities and being able to be together.

As i comment before all this change due to mormor and because we met a couple Dane-Foreigner and told us rules were a little bit more flexible and that in less 2 months we could get the papers, Us in our young age we said Ok let´s do it took the risk and rest is history. Both of us has careers and we are fluent in languages. Where i come from I had a bachelor and here in Denmark took an AP program (2 years), already past Danish 3 and been involved with organisations as a volunteer.

When i was ready to apply for PR just my luck rules changed and since we can not send papers before 3 months expiration date of the card ..well it was too late for me. We did not give up we continue adapting and doing all according to danish requirements and society and once again when I had a chance to get all the requirements they change the rules once more :SSS, for me that´s like a bomb.

All our hopes, efforts and what not are once more crushed. I know some people might say move on or go back to where you come from, etc. Well is not that easy once you start a new life from cero, leaving behind everything you knew is just simply not the same. is that eternal feeling like you don´t belong anymore to where you come from nor where you live. Now if you have kids even worst plus sum all the things going on your country like insecurity then you just accept the situation and decide to keep going. Although I ask myself when is enough? the years i studied in Denmark gone, the time i worked gone (unemployed atm), my hope to finally say one thing less in my list gone too.

Since 10 years ago everything has been like a project you have to deliver. always setting times and solutions in case plan A didn´t worked. Anyway sorry it took so long but in order to get you some way close to what We are going through need in some way get familiar with our case. So is that what really is having to wait once more to luckily get all the requirements so when once once get them, the system changes the rules once more? I have´t been able to find a job after I left my last and I was going to start a new education once more in order to get 1 year 6 months I was missing but now I can´t and the time I got not valid anymore. And the security money still missing half to get back, are the rules still same towards that, once you get PR you get the last or have they changed?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day all!

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Re: I need help towards Permanent Residence

Indlæg af mh » 02.06.2016 21:31:08

It may be that it could still be a short-cut to move to Sweden, if that is a possibility work-wise. If your husband could commute to his job from Sweden, and you could find a job there (because if you live in Sweden it is difficult to get permission to work in DK), you might qualify for Swedish citizenship in 5 years time, and as a Swede you will have a right to live in DK or any other Nordic country (special convention between the Nordic countries) without residence permit.
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